Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 43 Treasure Hunt!

Aunt Jean giving instructions
  We didn't work on the job site today.  Last night more rain came and dumped at least 5 inches.  I say at least because both rain gauges overflowed.  It was determined that we couldn't work because the interior floor and materials got wet.  Now coming from Oregon that sounds a little strange since we don't usually build the roof first so I'm not sure what was stopping us.

We didn't have idle time though.  The bathtub at the farm wouldn't drain so every able bodied man (except me) grabbed a shovel and started digging up the yard!  Every time they thought the problem was found another leak or crushed drainage pipe was found.  The stoppage turned out to be the bathtub itself.  It was an answer in search of a problem.  Dwight said it was a learning experience.  I think I'd rather just take a class.  I'd stay a lot cleaner.

Look! Look! Look!
...until tomorrow.

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