Monday, March 16, 2015

Day 41 Back in the Saddle Again!

Stephen found Duck shirt in LSU land.
Ruth and I left New Llano, Louisiana early this morning and headed back down to South Texas.  Yes folks, I am resuming my Bob the Builder project with cousin Dwight.  Headed into Texas and then drove down the gulf coast through Houston, Corpus Christi and down to Kingsville.  Of course we never saw any water.  This is not the Oregon coast by a long shot.  But then again there isn't a nude beach in Oregon either.  Sorry, but what happens at the beach stays at the beach.

Took a look at the job site when I got here.  Some progress has been made but not as much as Dwight had hoped for.  The trenching for the electric power is finished but it's supposed to rain tomorrow.  Looks like we're here just in time for a day off!

...until tomorrow.

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