Monday, March 9, 2015

Day 34 Old Hickory Dickery Dock

Today we went to “The Hermitage”.  It’s the plantation home of President Andrew Jackson.  For today’s history lesson, General Jackson got the nickname “Old Hickory” because his soldiers thought he was as tough as hickory wood and since he was 50 at the time he was considered old.  If it was me I would have been called “Old Sponge Bob”.  The plantation is still over 1,100 acres in size.  I was glad that it was out in the country and not across the street from a Walmart.

Spent the evening with Jeremy and Amanda and ate a great home cooked dinner.  I haven’t done any cooking in over a month.  Hopefully I’ll remember how to do more than boil water when I get home.

…until tomorrow.

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