Friday, March 6, 2015

Day 31 Where the heck is Little Rock?

Not me and Jerry Jones
Left cousin Patty's this morning and headed to Little Rock Arkansas.  Passed landmarks in Dallas like AT&T Stadium.  Didn't see the owner Jerry Jones but my cousin Patty went to a party/reception at his house.  Does that mean I'm connected somehow?  You know, six degrees of separation?  Of course with a Twitter account I could be friends with all the rich and famous.  How dumb is that!?

Now I'm stuck in traffic outside of Little Rock.  I saw traffic stopped on freeway so I got smart and took off on to an access road.  I've been sitting here not moving for over an hour.  What does one do besides watch the traffic move over on the freeway while I cool my heels 30 feet away?  Why they write their blog!

...until tomorrow.
Scenic view in Little Rock AR

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  1. I just landed in Denver. Are we getting any closer to each other? I can't tell.