Sunday, April 24, 2016

Special Report: Part 3

Well it's Sunday so it's a day of rest or by the looks of the picture a day of total collapse.  We haven't even been working on the house this week but pooped is pooped.  We went out to lunch in Hebbronville and after a long nap back at the house it will be time to eat again.

We head out tomorrow for a few days in Nordheim to see my cousin Gary and whoever   else's schedule we can interrupt with our presence. I'm sure this week will go fast and it will be time to fly away. I bet my arms won't even get tired.

...until later

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Part Deux": The Inside Scoop

Well I gave you a look at the outside of the house but it"s time to take a look at the inside.  If I were to give it a title it would be  “Home Sweat Equity Home”.                                                                                          
Still, you can live in it and relax after a day of “premodeling”. That’s a new word for remodeling only it’s before. The master bedroom is finished so you won’t wake from your ”building your own home” nightmare and see that the dream is real. I’m so thankful that my home is a little further down the building chain, but then I've been working on mine since 1991.

...until later

Great Room looking East
Master Bedroom 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Special Report: What the Heck!

Yes it’s true, I’m back in paradise, (come on, it is if you’re a Texan) and ready to tell the tale of the Building Project.  I didn’t figure to be writing this blog again but sad circumstances brought us back almost a year to the day that I returned home a year ago.  Of course my adoring fans, i.e. relatives, upon seeing me wanted a sequel to last year’s docu-blog. After much thought (drank a beer and ate a taco) I relented so here I am.
The front of the house from the East side

Dwight and Nancy’s house is now closing in on being a home. They moved in among the tools and dust in December and continue to finish both the exterior and interior. I’m sure it would be done by now if I had stayed 6 months instead of 2 but my lovely wife Ruth would have no part of that. We’ll rest the blame on her shoulders.

until…who knows, maybe tomorrow
The West Side
Lawn Moowers?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 72 Journeys End

Arrived home this afternoon. So good to be back and under the same roof with my darling wife Ruth again. It's been quite a journey I began that seems like an eternity ago. This blog started as more of a joke between Ruth and her girlfriends. They thought it would be fun if I kept them informed on the house building. Little did I know that it would be spread to Facebook.

In the course of over two months I had over 6300 page views, went though 8 states, drove 9636 miles, plus hit one unlucky deer.  And of course, used way too many nails.  I visited with family in San Antonio,  Nordheim, Yorktown, Fort Worth, and Realitos Texas, Lebanon Tennessee, New Llana Louisiana and Pasadena California.

My time with my cousin Dwight, wife Nancy and Uncle George and Aunt Jean was like being part of their family.  I was as welcome the last day as much as the first.  As far as being a carpenter l'm probably no better than when I started but Dwight and I had a great time together.  Probably talked too much but we did actually build a house most of the time!

Why did I do it? I needed to because I didn't feel my cousin should have to build their home by himself.

With that said it's time to close this blog. Thanks for your support and comments on my adventure. I've enjoyed our journey together.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 71 Surprise! Surprise!

After driving 800 miles yesterday it was nice just going 400 miles today. Left Holly and Garrett mid morning from Pasadena.  I had a good time visiting with them although I was still on Texas time and got up at 5 a.m.  Of course they didn't get up till 8!

Pulled into Sacramento around 5:30 p.m. after briefly fighting the traffic through the city. I walked up to the lobby of the hotel and noticed a woman standing behind a post. I nodded to her in passing and then did a double take. It was my darling wife Ruth! She had flown in that afternoon to surprise me. What a great way to finish my trip! Needless to say but tomorrow I'll only have one hand on the wheel while I drive...I'll be holding her hand with the other.

...until tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 70 Goodbye Stephen, Hello Holly

Quite the day for driving. Left El Paso Texas in the morning and 13 hours and 800 miles later I'm in Pasadena California! Stephen and I continued our convoy all the way to Tucson Arizona where he has a new job. On the way I had trouble remembering to replace the gas cap every time I filled up.  Luckily I kept getting phone calls from Stephen telling me my fuel door was open. Unfortunately,  sometimes I was already down the road a spell before he noticed.

Made it to my niece Holly and her husband Garrett in Pasadena about 8 p.m. local time. Had dinner and got a little acquainted with Garrett before bed. In the morning I plan on staking out a spot on the street for the next Rose Parade. I think I'm in for a long wait.

...until tomorrow.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Day 69 Oregon or Bust!

Still not out of Texas after driving over 550 miles. Of course El Paso is on the Texas New Mexico border so I guess we're pretty close.

Stephen and I were sitting here wondering what the Name El Paso means. Found out that if you are south of the Rio Grande River and you cross over you "el paso into the United States." Get it?! Okay, fine.

...until tomorrow.