Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day 72 Journeys End

Arrived home this afternoon. So good to be back and under the same roof with my darling wife Ruth again. It's been quite a journey I began that seems like an eternity ago. This blog started as more of a joke between Ruth and her girlfriends. They thought it would be fun if I kept them informed on the house building. Little did I know that it would be spread to Facebook.

In the course of over two months I had over 6300 page views, went though 8 states, drove 9636 miles, plus hit one unlucky deer.  And of course, used way too many nails.  I visited with family in San Antonio,  Nordheim, Yorktown, Fort Worth, and Realitos Texas, Lebanon Tennessee, New Llana Louisiana and Pasadena California.

My time with my cousin Dwight, wife Nancy and Uncle George and Aunt Jean was like being part of their family.  I was as welcome the last day as much as the first.  As far as being a carpenter l'm probably no better than when I started but Dwight and I had a great time together.  Probably talked too much but we did actually build a house most of the time!

Why did I do it? I needed to because I didn't feel my cousin should have to build their home by himself.

With that said it's time to close this blog. Thanks for your support and comments on my adventure. I've enjoyed our journey together.



  1. But wait. What am I going to read now? I love your blog!

  2. So do a lot of us! You have to go on another adventure real soon..only take Ruth this time!