Friday, April 3, 2015

Day 59 Snakes! I Hate Snakes!

The heat is here and so are the rattlesnakes. Apparently the cold wet winter is good for snakes. The last two days I've seen 4 rattlesnakes. Buddy killed one on the fence line he's building and one attacked us at the building site.  I spotted it while I was perched on a ladder. Dwight jumped down from the scaffolding and went after it with a 2 by 4! They're fine I suppose out in the field but we don't need them outside the front door.  Anyway,  I'm sure not going to relieve myself in the tall grass anymore.

...until tomorrow.


  1. That is just not right and I'm SO glad I never had an encounter while I was there.

  2. I guess those creepy things like the house too. I like what I see.