Friday, April 22, 2016

Special Report: What the Heck!

Yes it’s true, I’m back in paradise, (come on, it is if you’re a Texan) and ready to tell the tale of the Building Project.  I didn’t figure to be writing this blog again but sad circumstances brought us back almost a year to the day that I returned home a year ago.  Of course my adoring fans, i.e. relatives, upon seeing me wanted a sequel to last year’s docu-blog. After much thought (drank a beer and ate a taco) I relented so here I am.
The front of the house from the East side

Dwight and Nancy’s house is now closing in on being a home. They moved in among the tools and dust in December and continue to finish both the exterior and interior. I’m sure it would be done by now if I had stayed 6 months instead of 2 but my lovely wife Ruth would have no part of that. We’ll rest the blame on her shoulders.

until…who knows, maybe tomorrow
The West Side
Lawn Moowers?

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