Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 29 Bob the Builder Heads North

Hemisfair Tower in S A
I'm on my way North to Nashville to meet Ruth.  First stop is my sister Merrily in San Antonio. I know I've been here already but  I haven't worn out my welcome. ..yet.  Then it's off to Ft Worth to see my cousin Patty and husband Bob.  The temperature is supposed to drop 40 degrees tonight.  I hope to get behind the storm front and miss the ice and snow!  Good luck with that.

Dwight says he's going to start working on the electrical so he can heat up the hot tub.  He says we could then go skinny dipping when I get back.  I think it would be more like "chunka dunkin"!

...until tomorrow.

Merrily relaxing

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  1. I'm making progress getting ready to leave. It's almost here! I think I might miss our weather. It's been a great winter so far!