Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day 35 Horsing Around in Opryland

It’s a rainy day in Nashville so we spent the day indoors.  Went to the Opryland Resort next to the Grand Old Opry.  It has a huge atrium full of walkways, plants, artificial waterfalls, shops and restaurants.  Great way to relax outdoors even if it’s indoors.  Jeremy says he would love to see the bill for just the energy used to cool the atrium.  Personally I would like to have the receipts for all the business they must do at the atrium.

Back at the farm in Realitos, it’s planting day.  I guess it’s time for the spring garden.  It’s a bit on the grander scale than anything I would do.  They use a farm tractor and disc.  I use knee pads and a garden trowel.  They put 50 pounds of seed potatoes in the ground.  I buy a tomato plant from the grocery store.  Oh well, I still think milk comes from a carton.

…until tomorrow.

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