Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 42 Rain, Rain, Go Away

...and now attach the green
wire or was it the red one?
let's talk about this first
The Corpus Christi weatherman said they would have rain by 3:00 pm so Dwight thought we had until Noon to get the underground wiring from the pole to the house done.  He worked like crazy with his grandson Theron while I worked at my leisurely pace that's normal for me.  Noon came and went and still no rain showers.  Skipped our siesta and still no shower.  Finally, when victory was in sight it started to rain.  Now when we talk rain shower in Oregon we mean prolonged drizzle.  I forgot that in Texas it means massive downpour!  We packed up and went back to the farm but Dwight headed back after a cup of coffee and attached the last of the wires.  As for me, I put up my feet and watched TV.
Not the Keystone Pipeline

...until tomorrow.

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