Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 30 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

A working fireplace in Texas?
Patty and Bob's Snowy backyard
Unbelievable.  Wednesday the temperature got up to 84 degrees.  This morning it was windy and a balmy 29.  I nearly froze to death loading the car because I saw no need to bring my coat in the night before!  Headed from San Antonio to Fort Worth at 11 am so it would be above freezing.  About 50 miles short of my destination I hit the snow.  Oh brother.  This wasn't supposed to happen in Texas.  Especially in March.  Sure didn't have to worry about traffic in Fort Worth.  I think they all stayed home today.  But have no fear, Bob with studded tires is here!  I bet they've never seen tires like that in Texas.

Enjoyed my visit with Patty and Bob.  Cousin Lori was also here for dinner.  Bob fixed a barbecue dinner for us (I don't know the name of the restaurant Bob got it from).  Lori was on her way to an accordion conference in Plano.  She accidentally left her car unlocked with her accordion in the backseat.  When she got back someone had left her another accordion (old accordion joke).  Anyway, had a great evening of conversation.

...until tomorrow.

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