Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Builders

Day 7 & 8 Too Pooped to Post

Well I know I disappointed my three blog followers yesterday but I was just too pooped to write it and post it.  We started working  on the floor trusses at 9 am and worked till 6:30 that night.  Of course we did have lunch at 1 pm and then a siesta until 3 pm.  Not like that was the hot part of the day we’re just too damn old to not take a nap.

During the day the cistern was delivered.  I’d like to impress you with our strength and resolve in placing it on a cement pad but it was made of plastic and we just slid it in place.  If we’re lucky the wind won’t blow it away before we get some water in it!

The last four trusses were dried out and twisted so last night we had to figure out how to straighten them.  We tried to tie our shirts around them and tighten it with our bodily fluids (pee) like in the movie Shanghia Noon but we didn’t have enough so Dwight and I cinched them together with blocks and straps and hosed them down with water instead.

Today we got most of the twist out so we finished the trusses without having to waste a day buying new ones.  We spent the rest of the afternoon putting in more of the support posts and Dwight used an auto level to make sure the we weren't building downhill.  Dwight’s under a lot of stress because Uncle George is threatening to roll a marble across the subfloor when the time comes.

We'll see what tomorrow brings...


  1. When 2 Mann boys get together they sure come up with some interesting ideas. Looks like you're making progress! I love you both.

  2. Are you sure it's not because your prostates were acting up?

  3. Cistern not cesspool...right? Big difference...