Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 22 The Egg and I

We're having a minor crisis with the chickens this week.  It seems they don't have a problem laying eggs.  We're up to 145 eggs and we haven't even got today's.  I don't think I can eat another 10 egg omelet for breakfast!

For those new readers that want to know what we're building, well we're not real sure either.  Dwight had a pole barn built and we're turning it into a house.  Rough day today.  Nancy broke an air hose so we would have to go to Hebbronville for a replacement...and lunch. Dwight forgot his wallet. I'm sure he's good for it as soon as they let him go.
Some of the eggs

...until tomorrow

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  1. Sure sure....blame it on Nancy! Good luck eating all those eggs!