Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 20 Colder than Oregon in February

Well It's cold, windy and wet and I'm not even home!  The floor will just have to wait while we head into Corpus Christi for the day.  First stop is to look at hardwood flooring.  I guess when you rough in a floor you can't help but start thinking about how you're going to cover it up.

Had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack.  Was hoping for some fish from the gulf but I'm afraid it might have been frozen fish from Newport Oregon.  Oh well.  The key lime pie was great.

...until tomorrow.
Dwight waves a card like it's real money


  1. I hope D doesn't wear out that card before this project is done!

  2. Aaww! The old pic is cute. That's me in the back on Grandma's lap. I've never seen that one before.