Thursday, February 12, 2015

Day 9 What a Difference a Day Makes

Well our little auto leveling project didn’t go as well as expected.  Neither did the 4x4’s that we tried to straighten.  It seems that we found that from one end to the other the floor trusses were off ¾ inches over 60 feet.  Definitely not marble proof.  Then we discovered two major technical glitches in the whole process, named Dwight and Bob.  It seems that neither one of us bothered to read the instructions before we used the auto level. Duh.  Typical man I guess.  Anyway the floor turns out to level in spite of us.

Philomath OR about 40 miles
 North of home.
 As for the twisted lumber we gave up on it and drove to Hebbronville to buy new STRAIGHT 4x4’s.We found this lumber yard actual sold OREGON lumber so I knew we couldn’t go wrong. Spent the rest of the morning replacing the last 2 sets of floor joists.  It goes a lot faster when you’re not working with crap.  Anyway, we spent the rest of the afternoon putting in support posts and looking to see why buzzards were circling over the job site.  Hopefully they weren’t waiting on us. with the good.
Out with the bad...

        Until tomorrow…


  1. Mann men have never liked to read instructions. I'm very glad you found Oregon lumber. I was going to suggest maybe you boys should drive to Eugene to load up with the good stuff! Love you.