Friday, February 6, 2015

Day Three or "how much further"

Day Three and I'm on my way to Fort Stockton Texas.  Left Casa Grande Arizona to the sound of doves cooing in the trees.

Anyway I gassed up and headed toward Tucson just in time for the morning rush.  At least it's smaller than Phoenix.  Listened to "oldies" on the radio.  You remember radios, cars still come with them you know kids. My Dads first car after WWII had a radio and a heater!  I digress.

So there's a promo for a raffle for the Tucson Medical Center.  First prize is a house or $600,000.  They're offering 14 vacations and not just a trip to the casino in Parker AZ put all over the world.  Then there are the cars, Jaguars, Porcshes...really?  I guess all the money is in the South.  If our hospital had a raffle to raise money the grand prize would probably be a taco a month for life.  I think I digressed again.  Maybe I should turn off the radio.

Galaxy Quest Episode 82-"Miners not Minors!"

Not much to see across Arizona and New Mexico but I never was much of a desert person.  I got to El Paso around 1:00 PM.  Had brisket sandwich at Rudy's and took off again across the "beautiful" countryside and arrived at Fort Stockton Texas at 6;00 PM Central Time.  Nothing much for an Oregonian to see here.  Next stop is San Antonio to see my sister for the weekend!

Which way should I turn? It's all so beautiful!

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