Saturday, February 7, 2015

Day 4
Well it’s time to load up and depart from the wonderful community of Fort Stockton.  It was great shooting the bull in the motel parking lot with the construction workers staying there.  Everyone stood around a pickup drinking beer.  Learned a lot about the area that way.  In the business world they call that “Networking”.

On the way to San Antonio, I drove past a wind farm with oil wells.  That’s almost a mixed metaphor.  Maybe it works because the Texas oil men create enough hot air to power the windmills.  I’m probably trying too hard now.  Could be getting a little dingy talking to myself in the car. 

Now that I've arrived at my Sister Merrily's I’m running out of steam. I think we’ll hang out here and relax this evening.  So long for now.
How will I ever be able drive only
55 mph back in Oregon?

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