Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 13...and Then the Winds Came

We all spent a relaxing Sunday night watching HeeHaw.  I forgot how corny that  show was.  We sang along with the songs and laughed at the jokes.  Do you know who's buried in Alexander the Grapes tomb?...Alexander the Raisin!

Today we started early because we knew the weather was going to change.  We got the joists and the insulation done on another row and started to place the plywood deck in.
And then the wind changed direction, the temperature dropped 25 degrees in 5 minutes and everything started blowing away.  We briefly considered seeing who could fly a sheet of plywood the farthest but then thought better of it.

Went back to the farm for sandwiches and a brief siesta before heading to Kingsville to the hardware store.  Down here you better know what you need before you go because it's 60 miles to Lowes!
Two guys going to a hardware store... worse than 4 women in a clothing store!

...until tomorrow.


  1. You boys love to shop! I'm glad you made the wiser choice of getting out of the weather. I don't want to hear the story that has a tragic ending and begins with "Hey Dwight watch this!!"

  2. The begining is "hey i just had the coolest idea!!" Haha